Oh, Sister.

There are several years that are kind of a blur when our family just sort of started unraveling. Lots of things happened that contributed to it, but one thing in particular stands out – Addiction.


Big Sister

In a small town in Georgia on March 18th 1981, my parents welcomed me into the world. My mom had just turned 16 years old and my father was 20. They named me LeeAnn Michelle. Lee being my dads middle name and Ann being my moms. I always thought that was a super clever way

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Daddy’s girls

My dad was a great man. He was a hard worker, gone long before we woke up and home after the rest of the family had eaten dinner together. He was funny and witty and charming. He loved to watch movies, Cocoon, La Bamba and Grumpy Old Men were among his favorites at different times.

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School Days and Pretty Hair

My mom would quietly come into my room every morning before school. She would sit beside me on my bed, whispering my name. Michelle, she would say over and over while she gently rubbed my head until I woke up. I’d complain that I was tired and she’d kiss my forehead. I would whine that I hated school

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