About This Blog

The purpose of  this blog is not to place blame on anyone for the things that we as adults choose to do. And it’s not to make excuses for our own behavior. The goal is not to point fingers at or judge others. It’s the exact opposite in fact.

We want to show that behind the surface of everyone’s decisions is a lifetime of experiences. It’s easy to judge someone if you don’t know their story or what experiences they had that contributed to their choices. We are giving you an honest look into our lives and hoping that it helps you to see people differently. These stories are being shared to open your eyes, your mind and hopefully your heart.

Our hope is that the next time you find yourself judging someone, you would take a moment to consider that they may not have had the same life experiences that you did. And maybe they’re just doing the best they can with what they know.

There are many things in this blog that will seem unfair and painful and will be difficult to read. There are things we’ll share that are things that nobody should ever have to experience, especially a child. Nothing will be sugar coated nor will it be exaggerated. You will be hearing our stories from our perspectives. Stories of family and love, sadness and heartbreak, but more importantly you’ll be hearing a story of Gods unconditional love and grace. A story of hope. A story about a journey that God has taken us on that shows first hand that when we place our judgment and fear aside, and step out in faith and open our hearts to one another and offer each other what we have to give Together We’ll Rise.