About Us

Instead of giving some sort of official “about us” including all sorts of stuff that you all probably don’t really care about, we decided that we would write our “about us” about each other. So here is what we see in, what we think of and how we feel about each other. We hope it gives you a feel for who we are. 

I met LeeAnn when her kids were placed in my home through foster care. The caseworker warned me about her and told me all kinds of things that made me nervous. But I won’t share those things because that’s not who I ended up meeting.

LeeAnn is one of the strongest and most resilient women I have ever met. She has experienced more in her lifetime than I probably ever will and she has overcome it all. The LeeAnn that I know is one of the most encouraging, generous and hilarious people ever. She laughs really easy, not just when things are funny, but also when she’s uncomfortable, which makes me laugh every time. She also laughs really hard and often claims that she’s going to pee, although that’s never actually happened that I know of. She texts novels and includes a million emojis and she’s the only person that makes me laugh so hard that I cry just reading her messages. She’s terrified of funky looking spiders and bugs but she’s crazy about cats and my dog, Indie. She is absolutely selfless and is constantly putting the needs of others before her own. She has made some of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever witnessed in real life, all in search of a new and better life for her and her kids. LeeAnn is a force to be reckoned with and might be the most stubborn person I’ve ever met. Telling her “no” or “you can’t” is the only motivation she needs in order to prove you wrong. I don’t believe there’s a thing this woman can’t do and although she started out as “my foster kids’ birth mom”, she quickly became my friend and is now a part of my family.


So who is Michelle to me? Well when someone means so much to you it’s hard to put them into words, but I’ll try to do my best.

Michelle is one of the most selfless, loving and nurturing women that I’ve ever known. Michelle is the woman that stepped up in my place to care for and love my children when I couldn’t even care for and love myself. She was there to comfort them through one of the most painful experiences of their life. She was “mommy” to my babies when I didn’t know how to be mommy to them myself.

That’s amazing in itself right? Like I couldn’t ask for more. But if you knew Michelle you’d know that never would she let things end there. Michelle is one of the most thoughtful and intelligent women that I know, she’s always looking at the bigger picture and greater purpose and she knew that if she didn’t help me than what good would that be to them?She hates injustice and because of the injustices that she saw taking place around us she decided to take things one step further and she opened her heart and her home to me as well as my kids.  Michelle has this wonderful gift of seeing beneath the surface of all our brokenness and mistakes to the beauty and potential that lies beneath. She saw that beauty and potential in me and she made my eyes opened to it too. She’s made me realize my worth. She was the only person who truly believed in me and she believed in me so much that I started to believe in myself.  She helped me to find a strength in me that I didn’t even know existed. Many times she has been by my side encouraging me not to give up even when it looked as though I’d been defeated. She’s walked beside me and fought for me, she’s been my voice many times when my own voice couldn’t be heard. She has helped me to see beyond all my past failures and mistakes to the strong woman and great mother that I am today, that woman and mother that she helped me to become. She’s shown me that I’m capable of anything and that I can accomplish whatever it is that I set my mind to, no matter the odds that are stacked against me. Michelle has made me feel more empowered than I’ve ever felt in my life. She is the most encouraging person that I know. I love that I️ have her in my life to look up to. My kids often joke and ask me why I try so hard to be like Michelle, but why would I strive to be like anyone else, what better person to try to be like than her?

She has shown me what it means to be family and more importantly she’s taught me what it is to be a mom. During this incredible journey that we’ve all been on together Michelle has become one of my very best friends, a friend that I could never now live without. She’s the woman my kids often refer to as Momchelle😂, she’s family now and I love her.